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There are several key factors in keeping your home energy efficient and comfortable. Learn how the experts at Green Stone Energy can help improve the efficiency and comfort of your home with an Energy Audit and Insulation & Air Sealing services! Click the links below to learn more!

Energy Audits

Thermal Imaging Camera as part of energy audit

For those who are looking to improve energy efficiency, there are a number of different routes to take. Moving in the right direction, however, requires you to know what you're dealing with before taking action.


Worker applying spray foam insulation to interior of roof

For homeowners living in southeastern PA, seasonal extremes can sometimes be difficult to deal with. Philadelphia and the surrounding areas can see very chilly winters, while also encountering hot summer temps that make it all but completely necessary to turn on the AC.

Air Sealing

Air sealing complete

Air sealing is one of the most effective, non-­invasive ways for Greater Philadelphia area homeowners to improve home performance. Many people don't realize that their homes are loaded with different cracks and gaps that can allow outside air to enter and conditioned air to escape, both of which can result in indoor air quality and energy efficiency issues.

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