The Key to Ice Dam Prevention

As the winter here in the West Chester area starts to make itself at home, you may be dreading those snowstorms. Not only do they mean terrible roads and more shoveling, but they can also wreak havoc on your home. Are you doing enough to protect your home from ice dams?

Ice Dams: What Are They?

The icicles that form at the edge of your roof during the winter are ice dams. They can cause severe damage to your home’s roof, attic, siding and gutters. While ice dams can be painstakingly removed, it’s more effective to implement ice dam prevention measures. By taking preventative action, you’ll have peace of mind for the long-term.

How Do Ice Dams Form?

In the winter as heat escapes from your attic, it can melt the snow piled up on your roof. The melted water then runs off towards the edge where it’s met with a colder surface and then refreezes. This constant cycle causes dams of ice to form which generally include icicles.

How to Stop Ice Dam Formation

Ice dams actually indicate a larger problem in your home. Taking the necessary steps to prevent them will not only help with ice dams, but it will solve many comfort issues and help you save on your energy bills. The key to ice dam prevention includes:

  • Air Sealing: The stack effect occurs when warm air rises and leaves through the attic and roof. This, in turn, pulls in cold air from the outside through the lower part of your home. The way to prevent the stack effect from having such a profound impact is with air sealing.

    Air sealing can help prevent ice dams, but it also stops your heating system from working too hard, keeps you more comfortable and reduces your monthly energy bills. Sealing the cracks and gaps in your home’s envelope reduces the amount of air that is able to escape through your attic which prevents the melting of snow, stopping the initial cause of ice dams.

  • Insulation: Insulation prevents heat transfer, making your home warmer during the winter and cooler in the summer. By increasing your home’s insulation, particularly in the attic, and pairing it with air sealing, you’ll experience the best results. You’ll keep heat inside your home during the winter allowing you to save energy and reduce your bills, stay comfortable and reduce the cycle of melting and refreezing that causes ice dams to form.

Prevent Ice Dams with Help from Green Stone Energy

Green Stone Energy can help protect your home from ice dams this winter with weatherization. Our expert team won’t only prevent ice dams, but we’ll also keep you comfortable and cozy while reducing your energy bills.

Stop ice dams and get more comfortable while saving on your home’s bills! Contact us or call (610) 696-2658 to schedule a consultation today!


Home Improvement

In winters we have witnessed snowfalls which are responsible for ice dam issues. therefore, in different countries, we have found that people are building their home with sloping roofs, which allow the snows to slope down instead of stick in a particular place. This is also a part of home improvement structure and during winters it is quite beneficial for every homeowner. Here in this article also we can get some quick review on ice dam prevention and how to maintain our home in a good condition. Thanks for such a wonderful article. promo codes

Ice dams are actually one of the greatest problems living in such a place that has winter season. I am thinking of migrating to other country, but I realized that all of my things, including my job, family, and friends are here. I do not want to live alone in some foreign country. I will use your idea to prevent my house in forming ice dams. I hope that this works. Thank you very much and hope to see you one day.

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