For homeowners living in southeastern PA, seasonal extremes can sometimes be difficult to deal with. Philadelphia and the surrounding areas can see very chilly winters, while also encountering hot summer temps that make it all but completely necessary to turn on the AC.

Many people don’t realize just how important insulation is in both the winter and summer, as it’s just as essential for keeping cool air inside the home when it’s hot outside.

Unfortunately, many homes in PA lack adequate insulation, which can lead to a whole host of issues. Insulation can be improved, however, and it’s not as difficult or costly as you may think.

Types of Insulation

One of the most difficult aspects of choosing home insulation is knowing which material to go with. Indeed, there are a number of different types of insulation available to today’s homeowners, all of which have their own individual prescribed uses. Fiberglass batting, for example, can be useful in basements and crawlspaces, while spray foam and cellulose (made of recycled newspaper) are excellent options for walls and attics. In the end, the right type of insulation depends upon the job being carried out, and the insulation specialists at Green Stone Energy can determine exactly which material is best for your situation.

Insulation Upgrades with Green Stone Energy

At Green Stone Energy, our insulation specialists are here to make your home more comfortable and help reduce your energy bills to a marked extent. We’ll work with your budget and answer any questions you may have along the way.

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